Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 4: Know the Latest Trends

Brain games to enhance your funny bone.

latest trends

In my previous blog, Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 3: Investigate Things You Dislike, I asked you to play a game where you put yourself in unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations to challenge your values and establish your negative opinions. In this blog, Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 4: Know the Latest Trends, I’ll explain a game where you’ll check out the latest trends to be ahead of the crowd. This will be easy for you if you have kids. They know all the latest trends.

Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 4: Know the Latest Trends

If you’re familiar with the “tipping point,” then you understand how the latest trends come about. Comics often recognize a forming trend and talk about it before it becomes a fully accepted trend. If you want to make jokes about topics that aren’t overdone, then you need to be aware of the trends that are about to “tip.” Are you the first to know or the last to know? Know.

latest trends

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Do you know the names of the super-tall buildings around the world?

To play this game, go on Youtube and check out the latest viral videos. Get on google and type in “latest trends.” Join Digg or StumblUpon to stay in touch with what’s happening. It’s kind of like what you’d imagine what the joke writers for Leno, Letterman, Fallen, etc. need to do every morning to write topical jokes for their clients. Spend 10 minutes every day investigating the latest trends and news or the internet. Comedians know what’s going on in the entire world.

In my next blog, Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 5: Pay Attention to History, where I’ll encourage you to play the game of learning about the past that affects you presently.

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latest trends

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