How to Be a Comedian – Open Mic Tip 3: Mic and Stand

In my previous blog, How to Be a Comedian – Open Mic Tip2: The Entrance , I discussed the importance of getting on stage smoothly . In this blog, How to Be a Comedian – Open Mic Tip 3: Mic and Stand, I’ll explain the proper and improper uses of the microphone and stand.

How to Be a Comedian – Open Mic Tip 3: Mic and Stand

For beginners and mic and stand can be intimidating. When you use the mic and stand properly, they’ll disappear for you and the audience. If done improperly, they can become a hindrance to your performance.

Advice and Technique: Get to the venue early, get on stage and take the mic out of the holder and grab the stand below the fastener and move it behind you out of the way. Why grab it below the fastener? Because if you lift on the top section it may come out of the bottom section and it’ll become a problem. Next, bring the stand back to the front of the stage and place the mic back in the stand. Do this several time to make that transition smooth.

When you hold the mic, place it below your chin. Not out in front of your mouth. Why below your chin? Several reasons: one, your breath going into the mic will cause it to whoosh and pop making it difficult for the audience to understand you. Two, if the mic is in front of your face the audience can’t see your expressions. Place the mic on your chest bone, which will solve most of the problems of keeping it near your mouth, and staying under your chin. The mic and stand are integral part of the stand-up comedy experience. Get used to them.

In my next blog, How to Be a Comedian – Open Mic Tip 4: Greeting the Audience, I’ll discuss the honest and cliché ways of greeting audiences.


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