How to Be a Comedian – Open Mic Tip 8: Be Playful, Not Funny

In my previous blog, How to Be a Comedian – Open Mic Tip 7: Make a Show List, I showed how making a bullet point outline of your show helps you feel more comfortable on stage. In this blog, How to Be a Comedian – Open Mic Tip 8: Be Playful, Not Funny, I’ll explain the problem with trying to be funny and why it doesn’t work. how to be a comedian Greg Dean Comedy, comedy class, comedy class Los Angeles, comedy class la, comedy classes, comedy classes Los Angeles, comedy classes la, stand-up comedy class, stand-up comedy classes, stand-up comedy class Los Angeles, stand-up comedy classes Los Angeles

How to Be a Comedian

Open Mic Tip 8: Be Playful, Not Funny

Have you ever tried to be funny? It didn’t work did it? And even worse you were probably less funny than usual. Why is this?

Laughs are a result of saying or doing something humorous. You can’t do a result. Being funny is the result of communicating jokes to an audience. Then, the audience decides if they think it’s funny or not. So, forget trying to be funny because that result is in the future and it takes you out of being present with the audience in front of you.

How to Be a Comedian – Couple Things You Can Do

• Make Sure Your Material are Jokes

This may seem obvious, but I see comics all the time doing so-called jokes that are not jokes. To understand joke writing, see my blogs: How To Write Jokes – Part 1. Learn the structure of jokes and how to write them. Then you can clearly communicate the joke or humorous idea to an audience. Even then, you’ll never have a guarantee the audience will laugh.

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• Be Playful and Honest

Stand-up comedy is the world according to you. You must accept your own negative opinions and express them in no uncertain terms as jokes to your audience. Don’t expect them agree with your point of view…instead, make them to laugh.

In my next blog, How to Be a Comedian – Open Mic Tip 9: When the Crowd Laughs – Part 1, I’ll discuss why comedians talk through their laughs.

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