How to Be a Comedian Tip 1: Open Mics – Sit and Watch

In this blog series, I’ll offer some advice and techniques to help beginners deal with the challenges of becoming a comedian. In this blog, How to Be a Comedian Tip 1: Open Mics – Sit and Watch, I’ll explain how one way of dealing with the fear of getting up in front of other performers as the first step to becoming a comedian.

How to Be a Comedian Tip 1: Open Mics Sit and Watch

They say most people would rather die than speak in front of people. Comedians run the risk of doing both at the same time. There are few things in life more terrifying than learning to be a comedian. The open mics are sometimes brutal with critical comics sitting in the dark in the back of the room. Or even worse, visible and disinterested in what the comedian on stage is doing. But even with all these negatives, doing the open mics is a necessary part of the process for learning how to handle any situation when you’re on stage. But there are things you can do to help overcome the fear.


Decide to go to an open mic and not perform. Just go. Sit and watch. This will make you more comfortable with that venue once you decide you want to give it a shot. And the most important thing you’ll learn is that the others at the open mic are less funny than you are. This will give you a small boost of confidence that you can indeed get in front of this group and do as well or better than they have done. Go. Sit. Watch. Later, perform.

In my next blog, How to Be a Comedian Tip 2: Open Mics – The Entrance, I’ll discuss the importance of having a smooth entrance as a way of easing the jitters.


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