Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 10: Jokes are in Details

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In my previous blog, Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 9: Recurring Themes of Pop Culture, I discussed how comedians use pop culture as ideas for material. In this blog, Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 10: Jokes are in Details, I’ll demonstrate how comedians dig into the details of their topics to find jokes.

Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 10: Jokes are in Details

Jokes are not in generalities, they are born from details. You can’t write a joke about “family,” because it’s too broad. You can write jokes about the mishaps of vacations, strategies for getting into the bathroom first, and the lame presents you got. These are all details, which will each contain even more details. Constantine Stanislavski said, “You can never be too specific.” This is also true for joke writing.

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How to play this game: select some common thing, and then dig into the details by asking questions. Who, what, when, where, why, and how the hell out of it. Get into the habit of collecting details. Feed detailed information into a comic mind, jokes will flow.

In my next blog, Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 11: Sit Somewhere and Pay Attention, I’ll show how important it is to be aware of your environment by taking the time to notice.


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