Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 11: Pay Attention to Observational Jokes

Find obvious, yet hidden humor.

observational jokes

In my previous blog, Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 10: Jokes are in Details, I demonstrated how digging into the specifics can help create jokes. In this blog, Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 11: Pay Attention to Observational Jokes, I’ll discuss the importance of sitting somewhere and paying attention to discover an unseen world for making jokes.

Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 10: Pay Attention to Observational Jokes

You need to become aware of the world around you. Our environments are filled with so many things we learn to filter out and often contain observational jokes. Not until you stop and notice will you wake up to reality. The world is amazingly diverse and filled with infinite possibilities.

observational jokes

Comedy Classes in Your Mind Game: Go to your favorite place, and then sit and be quiet. Use all of your senses to look, listen, smell, feel and taste to identify observational jokes. You’ll notice so many things you’ve taken for granted or ignored for years. These are the things others ignore and you can use this information as the topics for jokes. There are realms of things average people never notice. Notice.

In my next blog, Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 12: Purposely Misunderstand, I’ll show how funny people create misunderstandings in order to make jokes.


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observational jokes

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