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Greg Dean’s Stand Up Comedy Classes – Los Angeles School  is the longest running stand up comedy classes in America, since 1982. Greg Dean, author of the internationally acclaimed book Step By Step to Stand Up Comedy has over thirty years experience teaching his stand up comedy classes in his Los Angeles school which helps people learn to be funny. Greg Dean’s Stand Up Comedy Classes – Los Angeles School recently won the “Best Comedy Teacher” at the Los Angeles Comedy Awards.

Free Stand Up Comedy Class
Monday June 17th

7:00pm – 8:30pm
Seating Limited – Get on the Confirmation List
Or Call 323-464-435

NEW! Free Open Mic – 5 Slots Per Beginner Student
Available…Not Required Attendance

Beginner Stand Up Comedy Workshop
Monday June 24th

7:00pm – 10:00pm
$50 Discount
Discount Requires $100 Deposit
Regular Price $399 with Discount – NOW $349
Sit In on the First Class for Free – 7:00 – 8:30
Seating Limited – Get on the Confirmation List
Or Call 323-464-4355
Comedy Classes Dates: May 13, 20, 27, June 3 and 10.

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Three Steps of How to be a Stand-Up Comedian

• The Fundamentals – joke writing, building great routines, staging act-outs, riffing with the audience and more.
• Develop a Killer Show – finding your comic voice, writing thirty minutes of material, establishing your style and more.
• Get Work – creating a web presence, having a funny video, contacting bookers, getting representation and more.

Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes – Los Angeles School

In these stand up comedy classes, Dean teaches you the fundamental skills, principles, and techniques used by great stand up comedians. This puts you in control. His approach will cut four to six years off your development time as a stand up comedian.

- Joke Writing – Five Ways to Generate Stand Up Material
- Eliminating Self-Criticism – Be Free to Play
- Overcoming Stage Fright – Turn Fear into Funny
- Visualization Memory – Stop Trying to Remember the Words

Advanced Stand up Comedy Classes
Los Angeles/Santa Monica

In this stand up comedy class, Dean teaches advanced stand up comedy writing and performing techniques. You will perform a seven minute show at the World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. Free recording of your stand up comedy show. (Prerequisite: Beginner Stand Up Comedy Class)
- Routine Construction – Work at Five Laughs per Minute
- Joke Tagging – Add Jokes to Your Jokes
- Microphone Technique – Avoid Amateur Mistakes
- Riffing – Make Jokes Talking with the Audience

NEXT – Advanced Stand Up Comedy Classes

Tue. June 25th or Wed. June 26th

Tuition: $399
Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes Required Before Taking Advanced Stand Up Comedy Classes

$100 Discount for every student you get to sign up for Beginner Stand-Up Comedy Classes

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Greg Dean – Master Stand-Up Comedy Trainer

Dean has innovated what may be the only technique-based approach to learning stand up comedy. This sets him apart from all other comedy class instructors who only teach you their opinion of what the instructor thinks is funny. His stand up comedy classes brings out your individual sense of humor. Dean also teaches something only professional comedians know… being funny pays.

Dean moved to Hollywood California to do stand-up comedy in such venues as the Hollywood Comedy Store where he became a paid-regular. At the Hollywood Comedy Store, he also helped to develop an evening of improvisation, sketch and stand up comedy. He organized his own improv troop, Good Co., which included Andy Garcia. The Comedy Store sent him to La Jolla, California to work on a similar evening of comedy, where he met and trained Whoopi Goldberg. He was then offered the dubious pleasure of being the opening act for the male exotic dancers at Chippendale’s, which he did for the next three and a half years. In 1986, Dean briefly reunited with his comedy pal, Michael Davis, to appear as a special guest on Saturday Night Live and Parade of Stars. Since Parade of Stars was a Vaudeville show, Dean fulfilled the lifelong dream of playing the Palace Theater in New York City.

Reasons To Take A Stand-Up Comedy Workshop
By Stand Up Comedy Workshop’s Greg Dean

The most powerful benefit of taking a stand- up comedy workshop is having a safe place to deal with your fears. Fear of doing stand-up comedy has two basic roots: Facing the Unknown and Feeling Unprepared. We’ll tackle these one at a time.

Assessment of Stand-Up Comedy Teachers
By Stand Up Comedy Workshop’s Greg Dean

This article discusses the two different approaches to teaching stand-up comedy: Opinion-Based Instruction and Technique-Based Instruction. Opinion-Based Instruction is founded on the stand-up comedy instructor’s sense of humor, personal preferences and what they thinks is funny or acceptable; Technique-Based Instruction is founded on a curriculum of stand-up comedy fundamental principles and skills the students learn and apply to their own style of doing stand-up comedy. These two approaches are diametrically opposed ways of teaching stand-up comedy students.


Step By Step to Stand-Up Comedy
By Stand Up Comedy Workshop’s Greg Dean

Chapter One – The Secrets of Joke Structure

A joke requires two story lines. The setup of a joke creates a 1st story in our minds that leads us to expect something; then the punch surprises us with a 2nd story that’s compatible with, yet different from, what we’re expecting. For example, imagine a male comic, appearing to be completely grief-stricken, telling this joke: (SADLY) “My wife just ran off with my best friend. Boy, do I miss him.”  The 1st story leads us to assume that the comic is unhappy because he misses his wife. We expect the story to continue along this thought, so we’re surprised when the 2nd story reveals that the comic is unhappy because he misses his buddy. This shatters our original assumption.

Location and Directions to Greg Dean’s Stand Up Comedy Class
The Santa Monica Playhouse (The Other Space)
1211 4th St. Santa Monica, CA 90401


Step By Step to Stand Up Comedy
Audio Book

Greg Dean reads his internationally acclaimed book about the fundamentals of stand-up comedy. Dean makes clear many of the skills of how to be a stand-up comedian. Listen and learn more about the craft of stand up comedy than you ever thought possible. Downloads only available online. Click on your favorite Link.

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