Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes

Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes

Los Angeles / Santa Monica

Greg Dean’s Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes believes that your sense of humor is the one place where you are always right. Trust it. It’s yours. The question is, how can you learn to develop it so that you can, at will, make other people laugh. Better yet, how can you get them to cough up a bunch of cash to hear you. Join Greg Dean’s Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes.

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Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes
Monday June 24th

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Comedy Classes Dates: June 24, (No Class July 2), July 8, 15, 22, and 29.
7pm – 10pm – 5 weeks
Sit In the First Half of the Class for Free – 7:00pm-8:30pm
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As the author of Step By Step to Stand-Up Comedy, Greg Dean has taught Whoopi Goldberg and hundreds of others how to be a stand up comedian with his joke writing and performance technique. Unlike many other teachers, Greg Dean’s Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes believes in educating you before putting you in front of an audience. This puts you in control. Dean purposefully avoids teaching his version of funny, (there are enough comedy clones already). Instead, he instructs you in the skills, principles, and techniques of stand-up comedy which you apply to your own style and sense of humor. Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. Come and learn stand-up comedy for a lifetime. Join Greg Dean’s Stand Up Comedy Classes.


Please give a warm welcome to our next comedian…YOU!

In the Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes, you’ll learn fundamental techniques such as a simple Joke Writing Method that will have you writing jokes on your first try. This is possible by applying Greg Dean’s Original Joke Diagram from which you will instantly understand joke structure. Learning the fundamentals of stand up comedy writing and performing will take three to six years off your developing time to learn how to be a stand-up comedian.

You’ll also learn in the Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes:

- Joke Prospector Writing System - write jokes at will
- Five Ways to Generate Material - more than one way to be funny
- Routine Building - from chaos to order
- Comedic Persona - authentic comedic self
- Stage Presents - do the show in front of you, not the one in your head
- Eliminating Self-Criticism - be free on stage
- Overcoming Stage Fright - the audience is more afraid of you
- Riffing - make jokes talking with the audience
- Visualization Memory - stop trying to remember the words…trust yourself
And Much More

Who should take Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes?

Well, if you’re already funny but it happens at random -these beginner stand up comedy classes will help you put together a show. If you think funny things but are too afraid to express them – these beginner stand up comedy class will give you a safe place to learn to play in front of people. If you’ve always wanted to try stand up comedy but didn’t know how to start – these beginner stand up comedy classes will take you on that adventure. In short, these beginner stand up comedy classes are for those who are on the outside looking out. If you can’t attend the beginner stand up comedy classes, the next best thing is to check out my new book:Step By Step to Stand-Up Comedy

Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes Curriculum

No experience required… this is a comedy class about learning the skills of being funny.
A workbook, written by Greg Dean is Free with the Beginner Stand Up Comedy Class.

Beginner Stand Up Comedy Class #1

This stand up comedy class cover Joke Structure with Greg Dean’s Joke Diagram which will instantly help you understand how jokes work. Then Dean teaching you how to write stand up comedy jokes with a fun and easy system that allows you to write jokes in just minutes. After the break, Dean talk about your comic voice and gets all student up to perform a Rant, which is a stream of consciousness tirade about ideas you care to talk about as the subject for your material.

Beginner Stand Up Comedy Class #2

To warm up, everyone will once again take the stage and Rant. Then everyone gets to read the jokes they wrote during the week with feedback from Dean and his staff. To end the evening, everyone will get in front of the class and learn to Riff. Riffing is where the comic asks the audience questions and returns funny remarks. Dean’s series of techniques for Riffing makes this fun and exciting.

Beginner Stand Up Comedy Class #3

The warm up is Riffing, again. Then more reading of the jokes written during the week with feedback from Dean and staff. After the break, you will learn Act-Outs, which are the little scene comics act out during their shows. Dean explains how Act-Outs related to joke structure and breaks it down to the three fundamental Points of View. By the end of the evening, everyone will be doing an act-out.

Beginner Stand Up Comedy Class #4

The class begin with everyone telling a story and using the three Points of View to perform an act-out. Then Dean discusses his Rehearsal Process. This class is one of the most important classes a beginner comic can take. Dean explains how the mind normally remembers in pictures, sounds and feelings, the expresses those thought through body language 55%, vocal tone 38% and words 7%. The mistake most fledgling comics make is memorizing the words which supplants the normal memory. This changes the way a person has been funny their entire life. Dean then teaching everyone how to take word jokes and turn them into scenes, so you can tell the story of your material with the jokes intact.

Beginner Stand Up Comedy Class #5

The warm up is a review of the Rehearsal Process for turning word jokes into scenes. Then everyone gets to rehearse the show they have written. This allows the comics to remain themselves while performing their show. Dean the teaches the comedy class how to give feedback to one another by using only solutions. This is possible because of the techniques and skills learned though out this workshop. After this, everyone performs their show for the class with the feedback from Dean and staff as well as solutions and jokes pitched by everyone in the group. This prepares you for the Advanced Workshop where we write, perform and develop shows through collaboration. Very powerful.

Santa Monica

Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes
Location and Directions:
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Santa Monica Playhouse – The Other Space
1211 4th St. – Santa Monica, CA 90401
10 freeway – exit 4th-5th St.-
go straight to 4th-turn right on 4th-
after Arizona (but before Wilshire).
Look on the right side for the scarlet awning that says,
Santa Monica Playhouse, we are located down the walkway.
(Parking in lot across the street-$3.00 flat rate.)

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