Comedy Tune Up Classes

Comedy Tune Up Classes

Comedy Classes: 10 Steps to Be a Working Comic

Saturday 2013 – 10:30am – 4:00pm

written by Greg Dean with all 10 Steps.

As a comic, this is the most important class you’ll ever take!
Once you have the show, what do you do with it?
This is the answer!

One Day Only – Limited Seating – Sign Up Now!

$75.00 If pre-paid
To Pre-Pay Click Here

$100 @ the door

Here are 3 Step for Free :
1. Put Together A Show That Sells
2. Book Guest Spot Auditions
3. Get Through To Club Bookers

Other Topics
• Knowing the Venue
• Making the Right Video
• Online Profiles
• Moving Up to Feature
• Being Re-Booked
• Getting Recommendations
• Club Booker Psychology
• Making a Promo Kit
• Contact Information for Hundreds of Bookers

Greg Dean’s Comedy Garage
In the Hollywood Area
Address given upon sign up.


Comedy Tune Up

High Quality Classes at a Reasonable Price

Taught by Greg Dean, Gayla Johnson and the Comedy Tune Up Staff

New Stand Up Comedy Classes

The Comedy Tune-Up stand up comedy workshop intensives are coming back in January. These are very advanced workshops…not for beginner comedians. If you’re performing on a regular basis and have noticed some stand up comedy skill other comics are doing that you’d like to learn. The Comedy Tune-Up is the place. The teachers are currently performing stand up comedy in the comedy clubs and master teachers of stand up comedy techniques.

We teach only Stand Up Comedy Techniques, not our opinion of what is the funny or best material. Why? Because teachers who tell student comedians what material they think is funny are imposing their comic voice on the student. When you are taught stand up comedy techniques, you are leaning a skill you can apply to your own sense of humor. These stand up comedy techniques are the same skills you see other successful stand up comic use in their shows. Now you can learn them in the safety of a profession stand up comedy environment from working stand up comedians.

Here are some of the upcoming stand up comedy workshop intensives.

- Kickass MC Intensive Comedy Workshop-

Do you have a room that you host yourself or have always wanted to try being an MC?  If you’ve been to some of the stand up comedy rooms around town, then you know many of the MCs suck. Learn the proper things you need to do to support the stand up comics you will be introducing. Learn how to be an excellent MC and make hosting a stand-up comedy show a great experience for you, your comedians, and your audience!

- Riffing with The Audience Comedy Classes-

What do you do when your material isn’t working? The answer is Riff with the audience. But, Riffing is the scariest thing to do in stand-up comedy. True! That why you’ll want to learn it in the safety of a professional workshop. A “hands on” performance class with TEN proven techniques used by professional comedians to create instant laughs. After this class everyone will assume you are a stand up comedy genius!

- Act-Outs Made Funnier Comedy Classes-

Comics say funny things; comedians say things funny. Act-outs are the easiest way to gets laughs doing stand up comedy. Learn how to create jokes with the three POVs that go into every stand up comedy act-out. Also make your Characters come alive onstage like a real person. This is a very fun and useful stand up comedy class.

- From Assumptions to Jokes Comedy Classes-

When you know what people are assuming you can mess with them with jokes. We all make assumptions about everything; learn how to easy it is to turn these expectations into jokes. This is a powerful joke writing workshop. Learn to write stand up comedy material at will.

- Punching Up Your Show Comedy Workshop-

Learn to sit around a table with other stand up comics and pitch jokes. Collaboration is the fastest way to develop a strong stand up comedy show. This is how sit-coms are written, which is why they can turn out so many funny scripts. If you want to make the stand up comedy show you have now funnier or write a stand up comedy routine from scratch, this is the fastest way to pile on the jokes.

And Lots More Stand Up Comedy Classes to Come!


Comics Who Run Open Mikes and Book Rooms

Free Comedy Tune-Up Workouts Just For You!


You run an open mike and/or a book a room.
You give opportunity after opportunity to other comics.
Now, it’s your time to get something in return.
You’ve earned it. Let us reward you. And it’s Free.

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