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These stand-up comedy classes showcases are a history of my Advanced Workshops. Enjoy.

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I’ve developed a check list comprised of a series of quesitons. If you can answer all these questions “yes,” then you’ve got a greater chance of having a good show. This is a very powerful list of questions as they address most of the aspects of a show which need to be taken care of. Enjoy.

Stand-Up Comedy Classes Showcases – Material Check List:

Is my material about things for which I have strong negative opinions?

For each joke or bit, am I clear about the subject of my specific negative opinion?

Do I have a solid opening line that will get my first big laugh?

Does each joke have a clear and specific target assumption?

In general terms, are my setups the opposite of my punches?

Is every sentence a setup, a punch, or a tag?  If it isn’t, make it into a joke or cut it.

Is every joke or bit as short as I can make it?  Where can I trim it down?

Can I strengthen any of my jokes or bits by using behaviors that will help my performance establish the target assumptions?

Can any of my jokes be tagged? Where can I tag any of the tags?

Do all of my jokes end with the reveal?  Am I talking past my punch?

Have I identified all the Character POVs and am I acting them out?

Am I clear about when I am in Self POV and when I am in the Narrator POV?

Am I acting out the material set in the past, future, or fantasy as if it is happening on stage in the present?

Have I organized in the B-C-A configuration so as to end with the biggest laughs?

Have I eliminated all comic’s cliches?

If I have sex material is it my closing bit?

Stand-Up Comedy Classes Showcases – Rehearsal Check List:

Am I rehearsing the experiences within my jokes as POVs, so I can remember them as

pictures, sounds, and feelings?

Am I always rehearsing with the critic split?

Am I emotionally associated?  Am I or my characters responding with emotional honesty?

When shifting from POV to POV are they consistently facing the correct direction?

Have I deregulated my show which will give me the flexibility to improvise?

Have I rehearsed my show in several different fashions so I don’t get stuck with a ridged order or delivery?

Have I rehearse my show in gibberish to release myself from the words?

Is the end of my show as well rehearsed as the beginning?

Have I timed my show so it will end at 6 minutes, including laughs?

Now get out there and perform…NOW.

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