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Stand-Up Comedy Teachers Reviews are here to help the student select a teacher who actually teaches. The stand-up comedy teachers reviews will all be positive and glowing, but that’s not what to look for in stand-up comedy teachers reviews. You’ll want to listen to the specifics about what the teacher teaches. Not all comedy teachers teach the same way. Most just give their opinion about what they think is funny. If the student is only talking about what a nice person the stand-up teacher is, then there’s no substance to the class.

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Stand-Up Comedy Teachers Reviews

Right off the top, I’d like you to understand that everything I teach are skills that anyone can learn, practice, and apply to become a better comedian. The craft of comedy can be taught by a teacher who knows the fundamentals. The art of being funny can only be learned on stage through trial and error. I make this distinction because in comedy there are things which can be taught and things which can only be learn through experience.

What I’ve done for the past 30 years is first identify the specific techniques used by great joke writers and comedians. Next, I took each of those techniques and turned them into an exercise. Then, when you or any of my students practice that exercise over and over again, you’ll acquire that technique as a skill you can apply to your own sense of humor. This is why I only teach skills. View stand-up comedy teachers reviews to make sure the teacher teaches techniques and skills.

Stand-Up Comedy Teachers Reviews Tip:

Don’t study with a comedy coach who doesn’t teach you the fundamentals of joke writing and performing through exercises.

Many comedy coaches advertise that they teach joke writing, but they don’t actually teach it. They might correct your jokes for you, but that doesn’t teach you how to do it for yourself. The problem is these coaches don’t teach the fundamentals because they don’t know the fundamentals. So all they’re left with is a few lame techniques like using the word, “You,” in all of your material and the audience will relate to you better. This is pure speculation on the part of the comedy coach. And even worse the coaches who say, “Put up a show and I’ll tell you what’s funny.” When comedy coaches give their opinion about what’s funny, they are not only are they cloning their own sense of humor, they are also passing on their own limitations. This is the type of information you can learn from stand-up comedy teachers reviews.

When the fundamental techniques are learn and practiced and the student is given the freedom to explore and discover their own comic voice, the student can create something truly unique because they aren’t hampered by the coaches’ limitations. I’m often surprised and delighted when one of my students uses a technique in a complete original way. These are the moments that make me love teaching stand-up comedy.

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