Yelp Reviews Pissed Me Off – So I Got Them Back

What to do when Yelp hides your 5 star reviews

Yelp. com is one of the most powerful sites on the web which offer reliable and credible reviews for any business. BUT, what if their algorithm, not a person, decides to “not recommend” and hide your best reviews?

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That’s what happened to me. I had twenty plus 5 star reviews not seen by the public. What can I do about this. Nothing says Yelp policy. Live with it. Suck it up.

I don’t do that very well. Then, one day I was making some comedy lesson memes to post on social media. It dawned on me I could take those hidden Yelp reviews and turn them into memes to put them on my website, as well as post them on my Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Instagram.

Here’s how I did it.

  1. In Word, create a table with a colorful border.
  2. Download a Yelp 5 star graphic from Google images.
  3. For each reviewer, collect their Yelp picture or find a better one online.
  4. Inserted the reviewer’s picture and the 5 star review graphic at the top.
  5. From your Yelp  page, select the part of the reviews which make their point.
  6. Paste the review text into the table.
  7. Chose a fun font for the text.
  8. Added quotation marks and attributions. — Greg Dean
  9. Type in the URL of your website.
  10. Create a QR code using the step method on
  11. Place QR code, fairly large so it can be scanned, at the bottom of the table.
  12. Save the table doc as a PDF file.
  13. Then open the PDF doc with Adobe Acrobat.
  14. Save PDF files as a jpeg.
  15. Open jpeg with Picture Manager and crop the empty space around the table.
  16. Save the jpeg into a Meme file under pictures on your computer.
  17. Keep the orignal Word doc table as a template for more memes.
  18. Make as many memes as there are hidden Yelp reviews.
  19. Upload onto your hidden Yelp reviews onto your website or post on social media.
  20. Gloat.

greg dean stand up comedy classes los angeles santa monica workshops schools

BTW this isn’t as complex as all the steps make it seem. Once you go through the steps, you’ll be cranking out a bunch of useful memes. On days when I nothing interesting to post, I simply upload a review meme.

One great bonus: if you type “stand-up comedy classes reviews” into Google search and then select images. Here, you’ll find my hidden Yelp reviews of my classes with a QR code that leads back to my website. This makes it easy to view my site on smart phones. Try it yourself and visit my site.


Do you have a corporate policy workaround you can share?


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