Would you go to any professional who didn’t have any training for his job?

stand up comedy mistakes

Today, I want to talk about why the most common route many people choose to take to become successful as a stand up comedian isn’t necessarily the best route to achieving stand up comedy success.

I’d like you to consider that maybe, just possibly there is a better way. Read on!


There’s Nothing Better than a Stand Up Comedian Who Has Mastered the Trade

For those of us in or around the business, there’s nothing more enjoyable than a stand up comedian who has mastered the trade.  

It’s important to know that most stand up comedians who have mastered the trade were not too proud, or arrogant to recognize that they needed some training.

I want to debunk the idea that you can learn the trade of stand up comedy without some training. First let me say, yes of course some have experienced some level of success, but usually the long, hard road which usually ends in failure is not the ideal road map.  

Very few stand up comedians have made it to the top in a short period of time without some professional coaching and or training along the way.

Four Simple Questions:

  1. How many open mics have you been to where the comedian tortured the audience, fishing for laughs that just wouldn’t come?
  2. How many times have you been that comedian?

  3. How many booked shows have you watched where the comedian just flat bombed?

  4. How many times was that you?
People who tell you that you can master stand up comedy just by going and practicing on the audience at open mics are setting you up to fail.
stand up comedy stage fright

Trying to Learn Stand Up Comedy by Performing in Front an Audience Is Some of the Worst Advice You Can Get.  Why?  

  • People remember the bombs and the names of the performers who bombed. 
  • Most people who love to do stand up comedy and want to do it as a career would like to enjoy some level of success before retirement age!
  • A good comedian who enjoys regular club engagements can easily bring in 35,000 to 75,000 annually (depending on what report you read).  
  • Most comedians are torturing their audiences by “learning at their expense” and earning 0 to hundreds of dollars per year.

Bottom line: You need training.

Stand Up Comedy Training Does Good Things.  Here’s a Few to Consider.

  1. You get a set of skills that you can use to make your jokes work.
  2. You learn how to handle audiences.
  3. You build your confidence as you start making people laugh.
  4. Our class is a safety net where you can learn and bomb right there in the classroom with instructors who are there to pick you up and get you back on the horse and succeeding! 

Classes are a journey, we deal with the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the ins and outs and the ups and downs.  All in the privacy of the classroom, not in the public eye!

Did you know that just like any other trade, comedy has techniques that can be taught and applied to your style and brand of funny? 

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