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Greg Dean is Famous for Joke Structure in Stand Up Comedy

In this online interview with Bob Minelli, Greg talks about his early days as a stand up comedian, how he was a regular at the Comedy Store (yes, his name is on the wall – no small feat!)  and how he began to develop joke structure.

Bob Minelli from Random Rapping is the host.  Greg also discusses his performing background, how he survived cancer and what led him to the development of joke writing techniques.

Greg Dean is famous for his 40 years as an instructor of stand up comedy. Although many believe that stand up comedy cannot be taught, Greg has shown that this is not the case by developing numerous techniques that stand up comedians can use to improve their stand up comedy routines.

Joke structure is at the core of his methods. Once a student has learned the principles of joke structure, their ability to write jokes improves tremendously. However, joke structure is not the only technique and skill he teaches.

His techniques are taught in two classes, the “How to Build a Stand Up Comedy Routine” beginning class (also called the “101 class”) and the “Advanced Joke Writing & Performing Class” (also known as the “201 class”).

If you are in the greater Los Angeles area, you can take his classes live at the Santa Monica Playhouse, otherwise, you can sign up for classes that he teaches live on zoom or you can try his on demand classes, which allow you to learn in your own time and in your own pace.

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Best Selling Stand Up Comedy Author

Greg Dean is also a published author with several books that teach his famous stand up comedy techniques.  HIs book, Step by Step to stand up comedy is a best seller on Amazon.

Step by Step to Stand Up Comedy by Greg Dean