About Greg

Greg Dean has been teaching stand up comedy longer than anyone in the world.

Some thirty plus years ago, in the midst of a very successful career (Saturday Night Live, Ringling Bros Circus clown and ringmaster, Comedy Store paid regular, his own improv troupe with Andy Garcia), he got the urge to be a stand-up comedy teacher and teach others how to succeed in stand-up.

But there was one minor problem: Greg discovered that comedy had no basic technique. So he began to identify the principles, techniques, and skills used by comedy writers and funny people, out of which he created a comprehensive system for teaching stand up comedy.

Since then, the Greg Dean Comedy System has launched the careers of countless comedy greats, such as Whoopi Goldberg, Anthony Jeselnik, Sherri Shepherd, Sean Carrigan (The Young and the Restless), as well as helping people from all walks of life find their “inner funny” and learn how better to express their sense of humor. See more of Greg’s “star pupils”

Not only has Greg been recognized as “Best Comedy Teacher” by his peers, but he’s also known as “the stand up comedy teacher’s teacher” – his techniques are used by nearly every other stand-up comedy teacher in the field.

Greg’s Classroom in a Box