Be a Comedian – Tip 33: Stop Using Comic’s Cliches – Part 3

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In my previous blog, Be a Comedian – Tip 32: Stop Using Comic’s Clichés – Part 2, I discussed those overused physical comic’s clichés comedians use when they don’t think about their reasons for doing what they do on stage. In this blog, Be a Comedian – Tip 33: Stop Using Comic’s Clichés – Part 3, I’ll try to persuade you to greet the audience with something other than a question where you don’t care about the answer.

Be a Comedian – Tip 33: Stop Using Comic’s Clichés – Part 3

Greeting an audience is a very important part of a show which usually gets delegated to a comic’s cliché, like,

“Hi. How you all doing tonight?”

Do you really care how they are doing? No, so don’t ask. Comic’s Clichés are all the commonly used phrases comics repeat because they heard other comics use them.

Then again, it’s very awkward when a nervous comic runs right to the microphone and goes into his routine:

“I hate bumper stickers.”

This lacks social grace.

One of my pet peeves is when all the comics enter the stage and say exactly the same thing.. Look at it from the audience perspective. How many times during a show does the audience want to be asked and have to answer. 

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 “How you all doin’ tonight?”

 “Wus up?”

 “Are you enjoying the show so far?”

 “By a show of hands how many people here…”

I’m not saying you must have a conversation with the audience at the top of the show.  Merely greet the audience like you would with any conversation with strangers. Say, “Hello,” and introduce yourself, this helps the audience feel acknowledged. If you want more of a greeting beyond that, be honest about how you’re feeling right at that moment,

“I’m glad to be here, but I’m a little nervous.”

The audience just wants to enjoy the show and not be forced to applaud or answer because every comic in the line-up has the same hack greeting. They’ll enjoy the show a lot more if the comedians are original.

In my next blog, Be a Comedian – Tip 34: Never Make Fun of Someone’s Laugh, I’ll go over some reason this can kill the fun in your show.

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