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Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes Los AngelesMon. Jan. 2nd

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Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes Los Angeles / Santa Monica

Mon. Jan. 2nd

6 Weeks 7pm – 10pm
Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes Dates:
Jan. 2, 9, 16, 23,
Hollwood Improv Showcase – Sun. Jan. 29,
Video Review – Jan. 30.

Free Class Audit 7:00pm – 8:30pm
You can attend the first half of the first class for free.
Get on the Confirmation List – Seating Limited
Or Call 323-464-4355

$100 Discount

Last Time for this Offer – Was $449 Now $349


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Location of Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes

Santa Monica Playhouse – The Other Space
1211 4th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90401


Map to Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes

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Find the Right Stand-Up Comedy Teacher For You – Cont’d

This article, An Assessment of Stand Up Comedy Teachers – Part Two , is dedicated to exploring two different approaches used by stand up comedy teachers: Opinion-Based Instruction and Technique-Based Instruction . Opinion-Based Instruction is founded on the stand up comedy teachers’ sense of humor, personal preferences and what the stand up comedy teachers thinks is funny or acceptable. Technique-Based Instruction is founded on a curriculum of fundamental principles and skills the students can learn and practice as a series of skills they can then apply to their own style of being funny. These two approaches are diametrically opposed ways of teaching and they are discussed in terms of their effect on stand up comedy students.

Opinion-Based Instruction Discourages Individuality

When stand up comedy teachers offer opinions about what’s funny, this is what is really being said: “If I were to do that, this is how I would do it. Therefore you must do it that way too.” Since students usually wish to please an instructor, they’ll negate their own comedy instincts to defer to the stand up comedy teachers’ advice. Soon the students no longer trust their own comedic judgment, but instead become dependent on the stand up comedy teachers’ opinion of what’s funny. This approach creates clones of the stand up comedy teachers as the students stop seeking their own comic voice and adopt the stand up comedy teachers’ sense of humor.

Technique-Based Instruction Encourages Individuality

The reason stand up comedy teachers should teach fundamental techniques is so that students can learn, practice, and apply these techniques to their individual senses of humor. When my students experiment with these techniques, I am always amazed at the originality of some of their material. After showcases, I often have an audience member congratulate me, “They were all so different. How do you do that?” The answer is: technique. Stand up comedy teachers need to get their sense of humor and preferences out of the teaching process so the students can develop their own.
For instance, here is a principle I teach my students to help them find their individual comic voice: Style=Honesty. I encourage them to be blatantly honest about their personal judgments about their topics. These judgments are expressed as opinions and emotions in the performance. The audience gets to know the comic’s beliefs and values when the comic expresses his or her opinions and emotions. The more honest a student is about a subject, the more unique their comic voice. Read More >>>