Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 6: Find the Funny Contradictions

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In my previous blog, Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 5: Pay Attention to Comedy History, I explained that comedians use established historical event and people as fodder for their jokes. In this blog, Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 6: Find the Funny Contradictions, I’ll show how comedians use everyday contradictions for comedy material.

Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 6: Find the Funny Contradictions

There are so many little things that make no sense if you look at them for what they really are. For instance, George Carlin’s joke “Dogs hate it when you blow in their face. But put them in the car and they stick their heads out the window.” On the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, he often presents news personalities contradicting their own opinions from one broadcast to the next.

To create a comedy class in your mind, you must first understand that everyone is a hypocrite. We all contradict ourselves when it’s convenient. Vegans do smoke cigarettes. PETA members use prescription drugs that are tested on animals. When the authorities arrest and remove protesters from blocking an abortion clinic, those protesters scream that the government has no right to tell them what they can or cannot do with their own bodies.

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This mental game is based on you searching for these contradictions. They are, in and of themselves, jokes. All you need to do is recognize and present them. Unfunny folks don’t find the funny contradictions of life. Find.

Did you know Ted Cruz signed up for Obamacare?

In my next blog, Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 7: Be Playfully Contrary, I’ll show you how taking the opposite position against other people’s principles and beliefs can lead to comedy material, and sometimes arguments.


• Had an excellent humor theory discussion with my friend, Scott Meltzer. It’s always inspiring to get another point of view.

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funny contradictions

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