Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 1: Notice What Others Miss

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In this blog, Comedy Classes in Your Mind – Lesson 1: Notice What Others Miss, I’ll introduce the concept of how to create comedy classes in your mind so you can think like a comedian.

Comedians write comedy about everything. Great comedians are voraciously curious and aware of everything. To find original material, comedians investigate their own psychology and honest opinions about world around them. The average person is living in their head…and it’s sublet.

To help you create the mental habits of comedians and create comedy classes in your mind, I’ll offer a series of games you can play on and off during the day. Only through continual practice do these games become mental habits. The more you play, the more you’ll find excellent ideas for writing comedy.

Lesson 1: Notice What Others Miss

When you hear a familiar phrase, but you have no idea what it means. Learn its meaning and origin. Begin with these phrases: “Down to the bitter end,” “Sold up the river,” “The real McCoy.” You may know their implied meaning, but do you know their actual meaning and origin? The average person doesn’t care. Care.

Do you know what etymology means?

The question above is a starting point to get you to investigate all the obvious tidbits of information that everyone takes for granted. By noticing what others miss you’re rehearsing the habits of the comic mind and creating comedy classes you can do for free.


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