30 minute comedian video

The Business of Stand-Up Comedy: 30 Minute Comedian Video – Part 2

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30 minute comedian video

In this article, The Business of Stand-Up Comedy: 30 Minute Comedian Video – Part 2, I’ll suggest several things that’ll enhance the quality of your video.

In my previous article, The Business of Stand-Up Comedy: 30 Minute Comedian Video – Part 1, I the discussed the importance to having a thirty minute quality video of material in order to get work.

Here are a few more tips for your video:

  • Clear Sound Is Imperative

It won’t matter how in-focus and properly framed is if the Bookers can’t understand what the comic is saying. Bookers are busy and instead of watching the video, they listen. If they can’t understand the audio, you’ve set up a roadblock to getting work.

This is one of the best reasons to hire a professional camera operator whom can either tap into the sound system or who has directional microphones, one for you and one for the audience. If the laughter isn’t on the video, it will make a strong show sound weak. If you have a great performance with lousy sound, you still don’t have a good tape.

  • Most Clubs Want the Opener to Work Mostly Clean

Many clubs aren’t too upset if you have a few cuss words in your show. But when you’re beginning, do only clean material to better your chances of getting the gig. If the Bookers know you can be clean, then they also know how easy it is to add cuss words if you need to work more blue. Clean is the key into nightclub work, but imperative for getting college and corporate gigs.

  • Don’t Drink Alcohol during Your Shows

My suggestion is to always perform sober. You’re a grownup and can make your own choices. But if you are tipping a beer though your entire show, you lessen your chances of getting booked. View this from the Booker’s perspective: would he book a comic who drinks on stage over a comic who is sober on stage? Bookers want be sure things will run smoothly. Help them.

  • Know What Individual Bookers Require

If the Booker wants a clean show, send a clean show. If he wants an edgy show, if you have one, send him an edgy show. If he only wants five minutes, send a five-minute show. If he wants your entire show without edits, do that. How can you find out the Booker’s preferences?

Ask. Ask the Booker. Ask the secretary. Ask other comics who have worked that club. Better yet, do some research. Go on the Internet and see if the Booker’s requirements are laid out on the website. If you can supply what they need without them having to explain it personally, you have taken a big step toward making them want to book you. Also, you must understand your show might not be right for every club. Be honest with yourself and only target the clubs that want the kind of show you have.

  • Make Sure Your Name, Phone and Email Easily Found

Make it easy for Bookers to get in touch with you. If the Booker likes your DVD and your contact information is only in your promo kit and he has misplaces or thrown it away. If he can’t find it, he will book someone else just because it’s too much trouble. If your name, phone and e-mail are clearly available, so are you.

In my next article, The Business of Stand-Up Comedy: Create a Web Presence – Part 1, I’ll lay out the job sites you should be registered with and where to upload your 30 minute comedian video.

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