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The Business of Stand-Up Comedy: Promotional Kit – Part 5

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stand up comedy business cards

In this article, The Business of Stand-Up Comedy: Promotional Kit – Part 5, I’ll continue with the elements of business cards and reviews for your press kit. In my previous article, The Business of Stand-Up Comedy: Promotional Kit – Part 4, I had pointers for how to write a biography for your promotional kit.


Business cards are an essential part of being a professional comedian. Spend the time to create a good one. The point of a business card is to pass them out to those who might offer you gigs or jobs. By the card alone, they probably won’t remember who you are, so here are some tips to help them.

  • Make it Clear You’re a Comedian

Nothing worse than having to figure out what business the card represents. Nice if you can create a logo for yourself that says your name and comedian on it. These will mostly be used to hand out to people in person. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked a comedian for their card and they don’t have one. How am I supposed to remember and contact you to offer you a spot or a gig?

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  • Make it Easy to Read

Bookers are probably older than you are, so make sure everyone can read it. I know the cards are small, but make sure the font is large enough to read at a glance. Remember, cards have two sides, all your info doesn’t have to be crammed on one side.

  • Put Your Headshot on the Card

Several reasons for this, one people are more likely to remember who you are and where they met you with a picture to remind them. Two, people feel guilty when they throw away a card that has a picture on it, so they’re more likely to keep it in their collection.

  • Include One with Physical Promo Kit

There’s usually a space on the inside to mount your card.

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If you have any legitimate newspaper stories or reviews of your shows, then by all means include them in your promo kit. Keep these relevant to your comedy career. A Booker isn’t interested in the reviews of your performance in the Fantastiks from high school. Include the name of the newspaper for each story or review, especially if it is a notable newspaper.

If you have a scanner, then add your reviews to your website. Make sure you have a link from your homepage to your reviews. As you perform more and get better reviews, you’ll want to take off the less notable ones and only include the impressive ones from prominent newspapers, magazines, blogs etc.

People are impressed by real reviews, so don’t lie. The Internet makes it too easy to check the review’s original source.

*     *     *

Promo kits are a great deal of work and require constant updating. Again, pick a place in your residence to keep all the materials together. Buy some organizing shelves or boxes so everything will be visible and you can select the items to assemble the appropriate promo kit for the occasion.

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