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The Business of Stand-Up Comedy: Promotional Kits – Part 1

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stand-up comedy promotional kits

In this article, The Business of Stand-Up Comedy: Promotional Kits – Part 1, I’ll lay out the many things needed to organize promo material to be a working comedian. In my previous article, The Business of Stand-Up Comedy: Create a Web Presence – Part 2, I discussed some ways of publicizing your shows and availability as a comedian.

A good promo kit is one of the more valuable tools for getting work. The kit is an introduction to the Booker to see you, your work, and history as a funny person. Like any first impression, it will last. Your promo kit must impress the Booker without seeming like you’re over compensating.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a physical kit or online, they both present essentially the same promotional materials. My suggestion is to do both as there are certain Bookers who like everything online and others who want a physical package they can show clients in meetings.

  • Electronic Press Kits (EKP)

You’re lucky to be in the internet generation as you can put your entire press or promo kit online so it’s available 24/7 as long as the person has internet access. On a EKP you can upload a cover letter, pictures, bio, resume, press clippings, but you can also put up videos of your shows seen with a click of a mouse.

I like which offers a free version and for a small fee you can get more options and tools. I get nothing for this plug, I just like their platform. First get the free version and fill it in so you have a promo kit online, even if it’s simple. (Google “electronic press kits” as there are more options available.)

  • Physical Promotional Kits

For club work, you can put together a promo kit at home for a moderate price, but if  you’re submitting for colleges, cruise ships or corporations, then you’ll need a more expensive and fancy physical promo kit.

I know some comedians who do corporate work and they spend thousands to have an impressive kit. It matters what kind of work you’re submitting for. So keep it appropriate for the gig. If you spend thousands on a promo kit that would impress a major corporation, the Booker may wonder why a beginner has such an elaborate kit and tend to mistrust the quality of the kit won’t jibe with being an Opener.

A physical promotional kit consists of these items: a folder, cover letter, business card, head shot, resume, bio, newspaper reviews, and a video link, DVD or flash drive.

TIP: pick one font and stick with it. Too many fonts make it harder to read.

In my next article, The Business of Stand-Up Comedy: Promotional Kits – Part 2, I’ll cover each of the elements needed in an effective promo it.

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