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Greg Dean’s Stand-Up Comedy Classes Los Angeles Calendar of Classes and Events


Greg Dean’ Stand-Up Comedy Classes Los Angeles Calendar has a variety of classes and events to choose from. There are 8 Free Stand-Up Comedy Classes Los Angeles every year, so it’s easy to discover how Greg Dean teach differently than all the other stand-up comedy class Los Angeles. In Dean’s free class he’ll teach you how to write a jokes that very night. Guaranteed. He’ll also show you why you should never memorize the works of your jokes.

In Dean’s Beginner Stand-Up Comedy Classes Los Angeles, you’ll learn the fundamentals of writing and performing stand-up comedy. Dean teaches his original joke structure and joke writing system, act-outs or scene work and then explains how jokes work within those scenes, eliminating self-crticism, audience rapport, comic voice (which is already inside your head and you don’t know it), talking with the audience, and more. And on top of the the classes are fun and funny. You’ll laugh while you learn. Dean only teach principles and skills which you can practice and apply to your own sense of humor. No clones in these classes. To learn more about how to find a good stand-up comedy teacher…Click Here>>>

In Dean’s Advanced Stand-Up Comedy Classes Los Angeles, you can apply the principles and skills you learned in the Beginner Stand-Up Comedy Classes Los Angeles. You’ll have total freedom to express your personl point of view (without censorship). Dean is excellent at tapping into what makes your funny and helps you articulate that sense of humor in a 7 minutes show at the Comedy Store in Hollywood. He also video tapes all the in-class performances and feedback onto a flahs drive, so you can take it home and review everything to help you build a stand-up comedy routines. Check out Dean’s Yelp Reviews>>> 

For more proof that Dean has the best stand-up comedy classes Los Angeles go to his Youtube Page.

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