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Greg Dean Comedy Teacher was a paid-regular at the Comedy Store in Hollywood. He taught improv for several years. Tired of performing on the road, Dean opened Greg Dean’s Stand-Up Comedy Workshop as a means of making money with having to travel so he could stand in LA and work on his acting career. As a comedy teacher, Dean discovered there were no Fundamental Techniques for teaching stand-up comedy. For the next thrity years, Dean identified and taught the skills used by great comedians. As he collected them, he wrote about them until he had enough for the book Step By Step to Stand-Up Comedy. Dean’s business boomed because he was the first to lay out a series of easy to learn and practice skills that lead to being funny. As a comedy teacher, Dean has continued his quest as every year he introduces more fundamental skills and techniques to his students.

Comedy Teacher of the Year 2012 – Los Angeles Comedy Awards

Greg Dean comedy teacher of the year 2012 LA Comedy Awards

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