Greg Dean’s Comedy Showcases

Proof of how powerful Greg Dean’s Stand-Up Comedy Classes are! These clips feature Greg’s students performing at the Hollywood Improv and the World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood — the result of the students collaborating in joke writing and proper performing technique. Enjoy!

What you may want to notice in these clips are all the techniques successfully used by my students. Many of these clips are of my students going on stage for the very first time to do my stand-up comedy classes shows.

For instance, take note of how these students pause during the laughs. When people are nervous or scared they’ll often talk faster than those voice over guys at the end of drug commercials. I work with my students and teach them where their jokes and remind them to stop talking during laughs. This is may seem simple, but when I’m up against people’s greatest fears it takes training to help them enjoy the laughter they’ve created.

Next, notice how my students hold the microphone and that it disappears and you, as the audience, never even notice it’s there. I watch so many stand-up comedy classes shows with beginner students and their teachers aren’t training them in good mic techniques. The mic should be held below the chin so when you say “B” or “P” or “What,” the mic doesn’t create a popping or whooshing sound. Again, simple, but it must be taught.

I’m not going to point out to you everything my students are doing right or this page would become a novella. So the last thing I’ll point out is joke structure. Jokes have a very specific structure, and most stand-up comedy teachers don’t teach it because they don’t know it. In fact, most comedy teachers don’t even teach joke writing; instead they tell you what they think is funny. I teach my students how to write jokes so when they leave my class they are able to write and develop material independent of me.

Now that I’ve pointed a few things out, go back and look at the clips again. You’ll see them in a new light!

Greg Dean