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Gayla Johnson Headline Comedian and Actress.

Kurtis Matthews’ San Francisco Comedy College The best stand-up comedy links training in the San Francisco and San Jose area.

Greg Dean Products on Ebay Here is where to bid on my products on Ebay.

Frank Miles Daredevil comedian Frank Miles performed the world’s most dangerous juggling trick on America’s Got Talent.

Michael Davis Original comedian/juggler of the New Vaudeville and world class corporate entertainer.

Scott Meltzer A former student of mine who’s gone on to create his own comedy niche: trade show comedy jugglers.

Victor Sonora Caricature Artist Extraordinaire.

Kurt Schlichter Former student who writes funny right-wing articles. books celebrity comedians, political humorists, impressionists, emcees, etc..

Kamaka Brown’s Kanak Attack Comedy – Hawaiian Comedian. – Comedy Blog for “The Stand-up Comic Database”

Hack Stand-Up Comedy FAQ This should be required reading for all comics!