Joke Writing Round Table

with Greg Dean on Zoom

For Graduates of Any Greg Dean

101 or 201 Class Only

Joke Writing Round Table with Greg Dean on Zoom

Attention Graduates of Any Greg Dean 101/201 Course:

Join Us for this Rare Opportunity

at our Special Holiday Price! 

  • Monday, November 28, 2022, 4pm to 7pm Pacific Time
  • Wednesday, November 30,  7pm to 10 pm Pacific Time

Work with Greg Dean via zoom on your script at his “Joke Writing Round Table”

It’s four consecutive sessions between Thanksgiving and Christmas where you will do nothing but work with Greg and other square table attendees.

 You’ll be doing all this to your script (make sure you bring it!):

  • writing jokes, tags, and punching up your routine
  • working out the kinks and bugs
  • editing, cutting, rewriting jokes
  • writing/rewriting or adding funny stories
  • Adding jokes to your funny stories

Ultimately you’ll be working to make your routine funnier and increase your laughs per minute!

 Round Tables are 4 consecutive weeks and ONLY on ZOOM 

LIMIT: 10  Persons Per Round Table

Bring a Script – Everybody Gets to Work with Greg

Joke Writing Square Table

Joke Writing Round Table

$299.00 $199.00

The Best Training You'll Ever Get!

Learn from the Professor of Stand Up Comedy - He's got 40 years in the trenches teaching students how to maximize their "funny! with his tried and true techniques that truly do show them how to write a joke along with several other critical skills.  Other comedy schools have tried to copy his methods, but they just don't get it right. Don't get a copy — get the real thing!