Pay Plan:101 Wednesdays

$99.00 / week for 4 weeks


Stand Up Comedy 101 5-week Class
Wednesday, September 29, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm Pacific Time

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Five weeks of intense training on essential routine-building comedy skills that will help you learn the craft and technique of building a stand up comedy routine.

Build Your Foundation

In our safe and supportive environment, you’ll learn the basic skills needed to become a successful Stand-Up Comedian. You’ll learn techniques and skills, not our opinion of what’s funny. We give you trusted, tried and true techniques that you can apply to create your very own brand of “funny”!

Under the Guidance of Our Certified Instructors, You’ll Build These Skills

  • Learn How to Write & Tell Funny Jokes
  • Remember Jokes Naturally
  • Overcome Stage Fright
  • Build Confidence
  • Overcome Bombing
  • Interacting with the Audience
  • And So Much More!

Each course is conducted by Greg Dean or his certified instructors. His students call him “amazing” … “motivating” … “a great teacher.”

Greg invented and perfected the joke writing and performing techniques that have prepared over 40,000 people for a career in comedy – and have given countless others more confidence and poise in their work and personal lives. His classes are taught in the US and internationally.


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