Stand Up Comedy Workshops Teacher – Greg Dean

Greg Dean is the only stand up comedy workshops who teaches the skill of the great stand-up comedians. Dean has been teaching his stand up comedy workshops since 1982. Most comedy teachers can only tell what they like or think is funny. Dean believes this kind of teaching robs the beginner comedians of their inidividual senses of humor. Dean’s stand up comedy workshops runs his students through five ways of generating material and dozens of performance techniques. This allows the students to improve their skill base as they express what they think is funny. Dean’ stand up comedy workshops covers joke structure, joke writing, act-outs (short scene done in shows), rehearsal process (no memorizing words, but how to turn work jokes into scenes in your mind), how to eliminate self-criticism, find your comic voice and Riffing with the audience (Dean is the only teacher in So Cal who teaches students how to talk with an audience and the techniques for coming up with funny responses. These stand up comedy workshops are all about skills. Come and Learn what Profession comedians know.

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