7 Instant Joke Writing Techniques

Online ZOOM Workshop with Greg Dean

7 Instant Joke Writing Techniques

with Greg Dean

These Techniques Are Not Taught in the 101 or 201 Classes!

December 9, 2023

1:00 pm to 4:00 pm Pacific Time

There will be a replay available to those who purchase and/or attend.

In this 5-week course, you’ll learn the fundamentals, principles, techniques, and skills of the Greg Dean Method of stand-up comedy to build a routine.

  • No prerequisites
  • 5-week course
  • Learn in person with Greg Dean at the Santa Monica Playhouse
  • Learn live over Zoom (remote) with Gayla Johnson

Greg has broken down all the techniques and fundamentals into a comprehensive system that anybody can learn and use to improve their stand up comedy. When you know those fundamentals, you can do so much more with your stand-up comedy routine easily, naturally, and quickly.

You’re not taught what “funny” is or is not based upon the instructor’s opinion. You’re taught skills so that you can craft “your funny” your way!

Course Details

People of all experience levels start with this course and move onto the Level 2 course upon completion.

What you’ll learn

  • Greg Dean’s Joke Structure
  • Writing “One Liners”
  • Five Methods of Generating Material for Jokes and Stories
  • Fundamentals of Storytelling
  • Overcoming Stage Fright
  • Performing with Confidence

Two ways to learn

  • In-person – Greg Dean teaches at the Santa Monica Playhouse on Tuesday nights from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm PST.
  • Zoom – Gayla Johnson teaches over Zoom on Thursday afternoon from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm PST. Zoom links and documentation will be sent to you prior to your first class. Please look for this email from us 1 to 3 days before your class starts.

Your instructors

The Professor of Stand Up Comedy
Greg Dean

Greg Dean, the Professor of Stand-Up Comedy, is the author of the international bestseller, Step-by-Step to Stand Up Comedy. It’s now sold in six different languages. Creator of the original Joke Structure technique. Greg Dean has been teaching stand up comedy for over 40 years and is a true innovator in the field of stand-up comedy education, having launched the first stand-up comedy school in the world.

Certified Greg Dean Instructor
Gayla Johnson

Gayla Johnson is a well-known talented actress and Stand-up Comedian, appearing on Comedy Central, Comics Unleashed, and Showtime Special, “Fierce Funny Women, Headlining at the comedy store Improv, Ice House Comedy Club and Laugh Factory. She toured London and Montreal comedy clubs. She’s also toured many west coast comedy clubs, such as Laugh Out Loud, Rooster T. Feathers, Laughs Unlimited, and Santa Barbara Comedy Club.

Everybody Is Welcome!

Greg Dean Stand Up Comedy Workshop

Level 1 – How to Build a Stand-Up Comedy Routine

$87.00 / week$299.00

The Best Training You’ll Ever Get!

Learn from the Professor of Stand Up Comedy – He’s got 40 years in the trenches teaching students how to maximize their “funny! with his tried and true techniques that truly do show them how to write a joke along with several other critical skills.  Other comedy schools have tried to copy his methods, but they just don’t get it right. Don’t get a copy — get the real thing!