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Stand Up Comedy Free Online Open Mic Nites


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Greg Dean’s Stand Up Comedy Free Online Open Mic Nights!


Join Us!

Fourth Friday of Every Month


The first ten people to arrive get the mic! We’ll do what we can to pass that mic around to others if there’s time. Even if you don’t get a chance to perform, you’ll have a great opportunity to laugh! 

Fill in the form to save your spot. Your zoom links will be emailed to you, but they will also be available to you on the next page. If you need help contact [email protected].


March 22, 2024

5:00 to 6:00 pm

Your Host, Gayla Johnson

Greg Dean Stand Up Comedy Classes

Greg Dean’s Stand Up Comedy free online open mic nites are offered to both comedians who want to work on their skills and anybody who is interested in a great way to spend an hour just getting some good old-fashioned laughs!  We hope you enjoy these online open mics and will come often!

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Learn from the Professor of Stand Up Comedy – He’s got 40 years in the trenches teaching students how to maximize their “funny!” 

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