Are You Struggling to Build a Stand Up Comedy Routine?

We Can Help You!

Are You Struggling to Build a Stand Up Comedy Routine?

We Can Help You!

“How to Build a Stand Up Comedy Routine”

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Talent, Presence, and Skill Make the Routine

It’s not enough to simply have talent. You need a funny routine, real stage presence, and the ability to create endless funny routines to make it in stand up comedy.

You need the right set of skills. There is a craft and art to putting together a routine — and we’re going to introduce you to those in our free online webinar or in-person seminars. 

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The “How to Build a Stand Up Comedy Routine” Free Webinar Is for You IF … 

You’ve Had Trouble Writing Jokes and Telling Funny Stories

There is an actual process to joke writing & story telling. If you know the techniques, your ability to write and deliver jokes that make people laugh is a whole lot easier!

You’ve Struggled to Create Premises for Routines

Every good routine starts with a clearly defined and strong premise. It’s the foundation of your routine! If your premise is weak, so is your routine. Don’t know what a premise is? Then you really need this free introductory seminar.

Stage Fright Beats You Down or Holds You Back

With the correct training and skillset even the butterflies in your stomach can be eliminated. Stage Fright is one of the key things that prevents comedians from becoming great! You can overcome it. You’ll start to see how in this introductory webinar.

Your Routines are Unoriginal and Predictable . . . not many laughs

If you only know one or two ways to create a routine, you’ve been limiting your own creative comedy skills. How does five methods for generating material sound? Do you know them all? Is your comedy routine as rich as it could be? We’ll introduce you to five methods. You’ll be amazed at how they bring new life to your routines!

You’re Forgetting, Reading Notes, or Using Your Phone

We’ll introduce you to methods for flawlessly “remembering without memorization.” How much funnier would your routines be if they weren’t filled with horrifying silences while you struggle to remember what you’re going to say next? You’ll soon see how natural, confident, and comfortable on stage you can be. 

We’ll Show You Even More Techniques to Solve other Common Routine-Building Problems

“How to Build a Stand Up Comedy Routine” Free Webinar is 90 power-packed minutes you don’t want to miss. It’s free! There’s three time zones to choose from, and it could be just the thing that will finally get your stand-up comedy career on the right path.

You owe it to yourself to make 2021 the year that you finally start achieving your goals. No More Excuses!

How to Build a Stand Up Comedy Routine Free Webinar

Are You Destined for Greatness?

Or are you going to spend your life with hit or miss jokes at one open mic after another . . . hoping for the breakthrough that never comes?

Isn’t it time to change your future?


Why Learn With Us?


Greg Dean is The Original Stand Up Comedy Teacher

He was the first to codify, formulate, and develop techniques that could be used to create humor across cultures and languages.


Over 10,000 Graduates

Thousands have graduated the Greg Dean Method and moved on to have very successful careers.


Online Zoom Training - Multiple Class Times

All classes are taught in a video conferencing classroom environment with multiple times to choose from.


Certified Greg Dean Instructors

Greg Dean’s Instructors are all certified by Greg Dean himself.

Greg Dean Is Your Best Choice
for a Stand Up Comedy Instructor


  • ONLY GREG DEAN has been directly involved in the careers of the comedians he names.
  • ONLY GREG DEAN has been teaching comedy for over 40 years with a unique, proven technique.
  • ONLY GREG DEAN has written the definitive text on stand-up, used by comics throughout the world.
  • You will never get an opinion of what we think is funny.  You will only be taught real techniques and fundamentals so that you can develop your own “funny”!


Step by Step to Stand Up Comedy

The Best Training You'll Ever Get!

Learn from the Professor of Stand Up Comedy - He's got 40 years in the trenches teaching students how to maximize their "funny! with his tried and true techniques.  Other comedy schools have tried to copy his methods, but they just don't get it right. Don't get a copy — get the real thing!