Greg Dean, The Professor of Stand Up Comedy

He’s been teaching stand up comedy longer than anyone on the planet.

Greg Dean, The Professor of Stand Up Comedy

He’s been teaching stand up comedy longer than anyone on the planet.

Forty years ago, Greg realized that nobody was teaching comedy. Greg took it upon himself to be a stand-up comedy teacher and teach others how to succeed.

Setting aside his successful career as a comedian (Saturday Night Live, Ringling Bros Circus clown and ringmaster, Comedy Store paid regular, his own improv troupe with Andy Garcia) and many others, he pursued his passion – to teach the art of stand-up.

40 Years ago . . .

There was a unique problem when Greg began teaching: Nobody had ever developed the basic technique. 

All fields have fundamentals and basic techniques. Greg surmised that comedy must have these building blocks too, they just hadn’t been codified. Greg’s early mission became to fix that problem.

He identified the principles, techniques, and skills used by comedy writers and funny people, and he broke them down. From this research and codification, he created a comprehensive system for teaching stand up comedy.

Comedians who have used his system have been able to master or perfect their natural talents.

The Greg Dean Comedy System has launched the careers of numerous comedy greats, including Whoopi Goldberg, Anthony Jeselnik, Sherri Shepherd, Sean Carrigan (The Young and the Restless).

 His classes have also helped people from all walks of life find their “inner funny” and learn how to express their sense of humor.

In addition to Greg being recognized as the “Best Comedy Teacher” by his peers, 

he’s also touted as the professor for stand up comedy’s teachers. You see, his system is so effective that nearly every other stand-up comedy teacher in the field uses it now.

There’s no greater compliment that one can be paid than to be the resource that everyone uses! In the world of stand up comedy instruction, not only is Greg Dean a Household name, he’s a living legend.

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