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Learn how to write a joke, how to build effective stand up comedy routines, how to perform stand up comedy, and get the audience loving you!

He's Known as the Professor of Stand Up Comedy

Greg has taught over 40,000 students, has six best selling books, and more than 40 years of experience.

He’s the Professor of Stand Up Comedy

Greg has taught over 40,000 students, has six best selling books, more than 40 years of experience, and has helped to launch numerous careers in stand up comedy.

Online Saturday Workshops

Spend a Saturday afternoon with Greg as he brings you more stand up comedy techniques and skills, including bookings, crowd work (riffing) and MCing! All these skills will also help you as you learn how to write a joke and learn the next level of joke writing!

7 Instant Joke Writing Techniques with Greg Dean Live on Zoom

Want to know how to write a joke? Join Greg live on Zoom for a 4-hour workshop where he teaches you the 7 Instant Joke Writing Techniques that will infuse your stand up comedy routines with lots more laughs per minute!

(These 7 techniques are not taught in his 101 or 201 classes!)

Saturday, Sept. 10, 2022, from 11 to 3 pm Pacific Time 

Learn How to MC with Greg Dean

Fast Track Your Comedy Career!

In this online zoom workshop, Greg teaches you how to be an MC which can drastically increase your bookings and shave years off your career!

Saturday, October 22, 2022, 11 am to 2 pm Pacific Time

   On Demand Online Stand Up Comedy Classes

Take these classes in your own time and work at your own pace! Get an introduction to stand up comedy. Start learning how to write a joke, how to build stand up comedy routines, and many other critical stand up comedy skills that will help you make more money and gain more fame!

Joke Writing Made Simple

If you want to know how to write a joke, this is a great class! Learn how to write jokes that will get your audience laughing and wanting to follow you!  Yes, there’s a real skill to writing jokes.  Learn that skill and shave years off your career path while making more money faster!

Introduction to Stand Up Comedy On Demand Class

Do you want to be a stand up comedian? Do you want to know how to write a joke?  Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to explore your future?

Live In-Person Classes at the Santa Monica Playhouse – October

FREE On Demand Webinar: How to Build a Stand Up Comedy Routine with Greg Dean

Here’s where your journey into stand up comedy begins.  Greg will show you some of the key elements needed to write a joke and build a stand up comedy routine in this On Demand Webinar. You’ll also discover how to potentially take ten years off your career path.  If making money now with your stand up comedy routine is your goal, then make sure you watch this webinar!

How to Build a Stand Up Comedy Routine 101 Class

This is a 5-week class at the Santa Monica Playhouse, taught by Greg Dean, the Professor of Stand Up Comedy.  As you learn the basic building blocks of a standup comedy routine, such as how to write a joke, how to interact with the audience, how to overcome stage fright and so much more, you’ll actually be building your basics and in five weeks, you’ll have enough skills to start building a stand up comedy routine.

Advanced Joke Writing & Performing 201 Class

After you’ve completed your 101 class, you’ll be ready to advance and improve your skills in the Advanced class taught in person by Greg Dean at the Santa Monica Playhouse.  Learn and practice your joke writing and performing using all the techniques you learned in your Building Routines 101 Class and taking it to the next level!

(Prerequisite:  Building Routines 101 Class)

Greg Dean’s Stand Up Comedy Classes Greatest Hits

Greg Dean has helped shape the careers of countless successful personalities and fast-rising stars. When Greg teaches you how to write a joke and build a stand up comedy routine, the world of comedy opens up! Here are just a few whose comedy careers began with Greg’s classes:

Whoopi Goldberg

Oscar®-winning actor-comedian with over 100 movies and countless television appearances to her credit. Currently a regular  on ABC TV’s The View.

Anthony Jeselnik

Star of his own Comedy Central series, motion pictures, stand-up specials, and host of NBC TV’s Last Comic Standing.

Sherri Shepherd

Has appeared in several prime time sitcoms, and starred in ABC’s Less Than Perfect. Won an Emmy for her work on ABC’s The View.

Sean Carrigan

Actor, producer, and stand-up comedian known for his movie roles (John Carter, The Single Moms Club) and for his starring TV turn on The Young and the Restless.

Gayla Johnson

Actor and comedian who has appeared on CBS, ABC, Fox, Netflix, Showtime, snd Comedy Central. She also has a comedy CD, Black Wives Matter.

Richard Villa

Has starred in specials for HBO and Comedy Central; wrote, produced and starred in Refried Comedy; has had roles in several major-studio movies.

Loni Love

Was the runner-up on Star Search, named one of the “Top 10 Comics to Watch” by both Variety and Comedy Central, and is currently one of the hosts of The Real talk show.

Tamer Kattan

Popular stand-up comic who regularly headlines in Los Angeles and around the U.S. Winner of The World Series of Comedy in 2015.

 Hanna Dickinson

Toured with Pauly Shore; a regular at L.A.’s Comedy Store; appeared in Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch L.A. Showcase; third place in The World Series of Comedy; first   place in the San Diego Comedy Festival.

David Blatter

The comedy-magic duo of David and Leeman (Blatter and Parker) was a finalist on America’s Got Talent in 2014, as well as scoring “Bests” at the L.A. Comedy Festival and the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Stand Up Comedy Articles by Greg Dean & Team

Joke Writing Part 1 – Building a Stand Up Comedy Routine

Joke Writing with Greg Dean In this online video clip, Greg shares some of the secrets of effective joke writing, the techniques behind it, and why it works.  Stand Up Comedy, contrary to popular belief can be taught! This is just a short clip where Greg starts to...

The Birth of Joke Structure by Greg Dean

Joke structure is one of the single most important skills that a stand up comedian needs to creat a superb stand up comedy routine. Greg Dean, the creator explains the early days of the development of this technique which gives great insight on how to create jokes.

Posting Stand-Up Comedy Clips

These days, the internet provides free exposure to every stand up comedian, so it’s worth thinking about how much to post. Here are some of my ideas on the matter:Understand the Benefits & Risks to a Stand Up Comedian As a stand up comedian, making your material...

Focusing an Inattentive Audience

In the stand up comedy classes that I teach, students often ask me how to handle a situation in which a stand-up comedy audience isn’t paying attention.  Here are some approaches:Take Charge It’s easy to forget--when people refuse to pay attention to you--that you are...

Act Out the Characters in Stand Up Comedy Scenes – Part 2

As discussed in Stand Up Comedy Scenes Acting Out the Characters, Part 1, the tips were, “Show, don’t tell,” “Find more characters,” “Let go of reality,” and “Study the characters. Next, we’ll go into how to go about studying the character you wish to act out in your...

Act Out the Characters in Stand Up Comedy Scenes – Part 1

Show, don’t tell is an old adage that means whenever you have an opportunity to introduce a piece of information, don’t just tell us about that person (or thing, or event), show us.  By showing, you bring the audience into the present moment.  The action starts...

Stand Up Comedy Classes- Doing Dark Material

Doing Dark Material by Greg Dean, the Professor of Stand Up Comedy   In today’s stand-up comedy scene, the tone has turned toward darker material. In a never-ending search for topics that haven’t been talked about stand-up comedians are pushing that line between...

Stand Up Comedy Classes: How Do I Know if a Joke is Funny?

Stand Up Comedy Classes: How Do I Know if a Joke is Funny? by Greg Dean Every stand up comedian must eventually test new material to find out if a joke gets a laugh or the roar of silence (which can be very loud!) So here are a few things to keep in mind. Make Sure...

Gayla Johnson (Senior Instructor) Doing a Short Bit on Police Harrassment

Gayla Johnson, Senior Instructor Greg Dean Stand Up Comedy Classes If you have had Gayla as an instructor in any of our Greg Dean Stand Up Comedy Classes, then you already know firsthand that she's the real deal.  If you haven't met her yet, then you'll get a sense of...

Stand Up Comedy Routine by Kevin Comstock – a Trip Down Memory Lane

This Stand Up Comedy Routine by Kevin Comstock was done some number of years ago.  In fact, Kevin still had hair!  LOL  I'm sure any of you who know Kevin and have had the opportunity to take a stand up comedy class with him will appreciate his style! Plus there's...

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Learn from the Professor of Stand Up Comedy - He's got 40 years in the trenches teaching students how to maximize their "funny! with his tried and true techniques that truly do show them how to write a joke along with several other critical skills.  Other comedy schools have tried to copy his methods, but they just don't get it right. Don't get a copy — get the real thing!