Introduction to Stand-Up Comedy


In this course, Greg introduces you to some of the basic and advanced techniques of stand up comedy, including ways to simplify joke writing that professional stand up comedians use to create their stand up comedy routines.

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You’ll also get introduced to mic techniques, building routines, funny story telling and performing.

You will learn valuable skills and techniques that you can use to make your own routines produce more laughs, such as riffing and ranting and crowd work. This is an introductory class and not the complete Greg Dean System. You’ll come away from this class with some valuable skills that you can immediately use to build better routines and interact more competently with audiences.

This class contains 10 training videos, 8 quizzes, and one eBook. Estimated time to complete the course is approximately 14 hours.

Your on-demand class is provided through a separate training platform, Teachable. There you can easily enroll into any of Greg Dean’s on demand courses. Once a course is purchased through Teachable, you will have continued access and can view it as many times as you would like.

Your instructor

The Professor of Stand Up Comedy
Greg Dean

Greg Dean, the Professor of Stand-Up Comedy, is the author of the international bestseller, Step-by-Step to Stand Up Comedy. It’s now sold in six different languages. Creator of the original Joke Structure technique. Greg Dean has been teaching stand up comedy for over 40 years and is a true innovator in the field of stand-up comedy education, having launched the first stand-up comedy school in the world.