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Greg Dean’s Successful Students

Anthony Jeselnik
Host of Last Comic Standing 2015

stand up comedy workshops student anthony jeselnik on last comic standing

Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd
The View

stand up comedy workshop student whoopi goldberg and sherri shepherd on the view

Richard Villa
Comedy Central Mexico @#standupencomedy

stand up comedy classes Richard Villa comedian and greg dean student on comedy central Mexico

Tamer Kattan
Winner of the World Series of Comedy 2015

stand up comedy workshops student Tamer Katton winner of world series of comedy

 David Blatter (right) and partner Leeman
Top 10 Finalists on America’s Got Talent 2014.

stand up comedy class student David Blatter finalist on Amercan's Got Talent

Don Stark
That 70’s Show. Oh, the memories.

stand up comedy workshops student Don Stark on That's 70s Show

Greg Dean’s Stand Up Comedy Classes Reviews

comedian Melinda Hughes stand up comedy workshop studentstand up comedy workshops five star Yelp Review“I’m an actress–not a comedian.  My first performance in the showcase at the Comedy Store went so well that not only did I decide to focus on stand-up as a profession, but I also booked my first paying gig for three weeks later. I attribute my confidence to Greg Dean.”  – Melinda H


stand up comedy workshops SEO Joe Bricky student private comedy coachingstand up comedy workshops five star Yelp Reviews
“I’m the CEO of a successful company and have been speaking and coaching for years. What Greg taught me I will be able to immediately implement in the corporate world. So, thank you Greg.” – Joe B



Birdy Michael stand up comedy workshop studentstand up comedy workshops Yelp “There are ‘ah-ha!’ moments in every stand up comedy class. And every student gets a lot of focused, personal attention. And the joke writing is amazing.”  – Birdy M




 Suwon Weaver stand up comedy workshops student stand up comedy workshops five stand Yelp review graphic “Dean’s comedy classes was so fun and a great place to learn how to develop material. One thing I appreciated is that he doesn’t dictate to you what is funny or tell you to be funny by doing it his way.”  – Suwon W


 stand up comedy classes student Alex Ruedastand up comedy workshops Yelp Reviews“Greg Dean’s insights into the world of stand-up comedy is something any comic, regardless of skill level, can benefit from. Take Greg’s joke writing classes, you’ll be funnier, and you’ll actually know why.” – Alex R


stand up comedy classesstand up comedy workshop five star Yelp Reviews

“I had been trying to muster up the courage to give stand-up a try. My wife read up on Greg Dean’s comedy writing and performing classes and signed me up. I loved it. I highly recommend his stand up comedy workshops for anyone wrestling getting in front of a Mic in hopes of “being funny”.  – Eddie P


stand up comedy workshops student Tatiana Hilton

comedy classes Yelp review stand up comedy workshops“All-in-all you can benefit from this stand up comedy class if you want to learn, want to have fun, want to laugh on a weekly basis, want to exercise your joke writing and performance chops, and if you want to take your seemingly funny thoughts and turn them into audience-loving jokes.”  – Tatiana H



stand up comedy workshop student Nate Hanager stand up comedy classes santa monica Yelp Reivews“I had owned his book Step by Step to Stand-Up Comedy for years before I finally moved to LA and began taking his stand up comedy classes. For those who fear being judged, rest assured – there’s a common rule – if you don’t have constructive feedback to give, then don’t speak. Greg is an amazing stand-up teacher who thoroughly enjoys his job.”  – Nate H



stand up comedy workshop Cara Oh motivational speaker

stand up comedy workshops los angeles five star Yelp reviews“ANYONE can learn to write really good jokes using his easy-to-follow method. Then, when what he teaches about stand-up comedy techniques, you’re fully prepared when you get on stage.” – Kara O


stand up comedy classes Don James stand up comedy workshops 5 star Yelp Reviews

“Greg Dean is the world’s premiere stand up comedy teacher. His classes are the most informed, systematic, and proven training grounds for comedians (both beginners and advanced).”  – Don J




stand up comedy workshop Mira Wilder stand up comedy workshops Yelp reviews

“Greg Dean will show you the road to all your comedic dreams. He is accompanied on the journey by a staff of assistants that are just as fabulous and are inspiring as comedians and teachers as well.”  – Mira W



 stand up comedy classes los angeles stand up comedy classes yelp“Greg is a master comedy teacher and certified NLP master practitioner. HIs deep understanding of the mind, habits, internal voices, and structure of language has helped him craft the PERFECT comedy classes for beginner.  Don’t take any stand up comedy class until you’ve taken this one first.”  – Bart B



stand up comedy workshop Deborah Monterossastand up comedy workshops Joke writing “You will learn basic and advanced concepts about joke writing and performing stand-up comedy in a supportive and encouraging environment.  Many of the skills I learned from Dean, I use in my everyday life.”  – Deborah M




stand up comedy classes los angeles Howard Richmond private comedy classes for speakers yelp review“Greg Dean is a true professional. Ihave been working with him via Skype on a regular basis. Greg is smart, funny, talented and – he knows his sh!#. I have seen my stand-up comedy material and performance improve greatly since working with him.”  – Howard R




stand up comedy classes los angeles Ralph Cissnestand up comedy classes los angeles reviews“I have taken many Greg Dean stand up comedy classes and always had a meaningful experience and developed great material.  If you are drawn to stand-up, sit-com acting or writing this is definitely the place to be.”  – Ralph C




stand up comedy workshops studentstand up comedy workshops reviews“I enjoyed attending the stand up classes. Greg and his team encourage collaboration in his comedy classes between writers. It’s a great place for writers to learn to work with other writers. “ –  Karen V

Comedy Classes and Events

Stand-Up Comedy Classes Los Angeles Student Photo

Free Audit – Stand Up Comedy Class – Mon. May 16th

FREE AUDIT Stand Up Comedy Class – Mon. May 6th and $100 Discount on current Beginner Workshop. Write a joke this very night…guaranteed. Learn from, Greg Dean, author of the international bestselling book Step by Step to Stand-Up Comedy. Dean teaches techniques and skills used by all great comedy writers and comedians, which you can learn and practice.

comedy classes

Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes – Mon. May 16th

Beginner Stand Up Comedy Classes start Mon. May 16th. In these beginner stand up comedy classes you’ll learn to write jokes the very first class. Guaranteed.

Stand-Up Comedy Classes Los Angeles Showcase 2

Advanced Stand Up Comedy Classes
Tue. May 10th or Wed. May 11th

Learn the advanced stand up comedy classes techniques of Group Writing Sessions, How to Tag Jokes and then Tag Tags, and Show Development. You’ll also learn to develop a strong comic voice, Act- Outs and perform a 7 minute show at the Hollywood Improv with big laughs.

Greg Dean Comedy Coach Friendly Photo

Comedy Teacher Greg Dean

Greg Dean has been teaching stand up comedy longer than anyone in the world. Some thirty plus years ago, in the midst of a very successful career (Saturday Night Live,...

stand-up comedy classes los angeles

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