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Free Stand-Up Comedy Class – Mon. May 12th

Are you funny? Do you know someone who should be doing stand-up comedy? Greg Dean is offering a Free Comedy Class so you can see first hand what makes him different than all other stand-up comedy teachers. Dean only teaches the techniques and skills used by all great comedy writers and comedians, which you can learned and practiced. You’ll learn how to write a joke that very night…guaranteed.

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Beginner Stand-Up Comedy Classes – Mon. May 19th

$100 DISCOUNT – Limited Time Offer – On the very first night, Dean will teach you three different, yet powerful, ways of generating stand-up comedy material. He’ll also reveal why you should never memorize the words of your material, how to banter with the audience, and more. You’ll laugh and have fun as you make your dreams of being a comedian come true!

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Advanced Stand-Up Comedy Classes – Tue. May 13th or Wed. May 14th

$100 Discount – Limited Time Offer – Learn advanced stand-up comedy techniques, such as pulling the audience into your comedy movie, developing a strong comic voice, the power of writing in groups, using act- outs and tags to get big laughs, and much more.

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About Greg Dean – Comedy Teacher

Greg Dean has been teaching stand-up comedy longer than anyone in the world. Some thirty plus years ago, in the midst of a very successful career (Saturday Night Live, circus...

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Greg Dean’s Comedy Store

Learn from Greg at home, on the road, while exercising - wherever, whenever. Check out Greg's book, workbook, ebook and DVD. Better yet, check them all out at Greg's Comedy Store.

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