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Why Should Stand Up Comedians Respect the Light?

Why Should Stand Up Comedians Respect the Light?

When you get the light, trust it, even in the middle of a bit, end your show and get off stage.  Stand Up Comedians who decide to ignore the light to finish a bit or keep searching for that last big laugh will go over time. Learn how to only do the amount of time you’ve been given. That’s being a professional.

Making Stories Funny

Making Stories Funny

There’s nothing better than the feeling you get when the story you just told has the audience laughing so hard they’re doubled over with tears streaming down their face! What? Your stories don’t create that effect? Then join Greg Dean for 3 intense hours as he shows you how to make a story funny. There’s much to know to come ready to learn!

Joke Writing Tricks of the Trade

Joke Writing Tricks of the Trade

Yes! There are tricks to the trade and there’s nobody more adept at those Tricks than the Professor of Stand Up Comedy himself! Join Greg Dean for an intensive training session where he’ll show you a few tricks to take your jokes into the next level and really pull the laughs out of an audience!

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