How to Write Funnier Jokes

In this joke writing article, How to Write Funnier Jokes: Tip 4 – Localize Comedy Routines, I’ll show how localizing your comedy routines can get bigger laughs for the same jokes from local audiences.

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Tip 4 – Localize Comedy Routines

When writing stand-up comedy jokes and routines they can often be structured around the funny idea. The jokes within a routine might be perfectly written but lack an intimate connection to the real world.

The solution is to localize the references in your comedy routine to local or regional people, places, and events. Audiences feel flattered and respond with appreciative laughter because they recognize themselves in your stand-up routine. They know you’ve spent time researching their area to alter your routine to reflect their town. 

Refer to People

For instance, if you have a joke about a politician who isn’t very bright, then ask the club manager or bartender who’s the most hated politician in the area. Then take that name and insert it into the joke or routine. 

“I heard your mayor (name) seems to miss the obvious. Does that mean if he fell into a pool of breasts he’d come up sucking his thumb.”

If the audience agrees with the sentiment, you could get a roar. 

Mention Places

If you have a joke or routine about a rough bar, ask around for the name of a local dive. Again, insert it into your bit.

 “I went into your town’s finest bar, (name of tough local bar) – they’ve got some poor guy on the floor pounding the crap out of him. I said to a guy, ‘Why don’t you call a cop?’ He said, ‘Are you crazy? After the beating they’re giving this one?’”

If that bar lives up this infamous reputation, you’re likely to get a huge, long laugh.

Use Events

Their local events are a great way to relate your comedy to their region. If the city or area is known for their sports and you have a sports joke, then bring that to the comedy game. 

“Your area is known for your ice hockey team (name). But I’m confused. I went to a game expecting to see a hockey match, but instead it turned into the Friday Night Fights.”

If these folks are proud of how brutal their hockey players are, then this good joke will get a great laugh. 

Comedy Writing Technique: Mark Your Script for Local References

Comb through your stand-up comedy jokes and routines and note the people, places, and events where you can substitute local references. Then, as a comedian, when you get to a stand-up comedy gig you’ll have a quick list to research. Or you can do this research online in advance.

Something magical happens when an audience sees their hometown immortalized in your show.

In this joke writing article, How to Write Funnier Jokes: Tip 4 – Localize Comedy Routines, you’ve learned that substituting local people, places, and events in your stand-up comedy show can turn good comedy routines into great comedy routines. 

In the next joke writing article, How to Write Funnier Jokes: Tip 5 – Make Punchlines More Negative, turning the same jokes into bigger laughs.

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