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Watch Gayla Johnson, Senior Instructor for Greg Dean stand up Comedy Classes perform.  She is an active performer, actress, and stand-up comedian as well as Greg’s top instructor. Here’s a great example of what a stand-up comedian can do when they have mastered Greg Dean’s stand-up comedy system.  This is a stand up comedy show Gayla did a few years ago, I chose it because she did a full 45 minutes.

 Can you create this much material & keep the audience focused and laughing like Gayla Johnson, Senior Instructor for Greg Dean Comedy Classes does here?

If you can’t and want to, or if you can, but want to make it better, we have the answer:  Enroll today in Greg Dean’s Stand Up Comedy Classes.  Click or Tap on the button below to get started.

“About Greg Dean’s Stand Up Comedy Classes and Instructors

Greg Dean personally instructs and certifies his stand-up comedy instructors in the Greg Dean Stand Up Comedy System.  Each stand-up comedy instructor teaches alongside Greg Dean and perfects their own use and understanding of the Greg Dean Stand Up Comedy system before they are certified and able to teach independently.  Once Greg has certified an instructor, they are as superb at applying the techniques and teaching others how to apply the techniques as Greg himself is.

Greg Dean has been teaching stand-up comedy for over 40 years.  His method breaks down and codifies all the techniques that stand up comedians need to be able to successfully engage an audience and keep them laughing.  The Greg Dean Stand Up Comedy system does not allow for opinion to enter in.  The point is to help you take your unique style and apply various techniques to it to make your style of funny the absolute best that it can be in order to help you succeed.  The Greg Dean Stand Up Comedy Classes have been attended by over 40,000 students over the past 40 years,  Greg is also a published author. His book, Step by Step to Stand Up Comedy” is available at Amazon.com.

The Greg Dean Stand Up Comedy System is a two-class program.  The first class, “How to Build a Stand Up Comedy Routine” teaches the basic skills needed to build a stand up comedy routine, including joke writing, telling funny stories, and so much more.  The second class, “Advanced Joke Writing & Performing” picks up where the first class ends fine-tuning and honing the basic skills in the first class while adding more essential techniques.

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