Private Sessions with Greg Dean

Even if you don’t live in the Greater Los Angeles area, you can still take advantage of Greg’s exclusive stand-up comedy teaching techniques that he’s developed over a 40-year teaching career, which has earned him the title, “The Professor of Stand Up Comedy”.

In a series of one-hour Zoom sessions, you will benefit from what makes Greg’s classroom courses the best in the business, with the added benefit of individualized personal attention.  Once you’ve purchased your session(s) here, Greg will reach out to you to schedule your time(s).

Each hour is $299.00.



One-on-one training with Greg Dean

$299.00 per hour

Greg Dean, The Professor of Stand-Up Comedy

He’s been teaching stand up comedy longer than anyone on the planet.

Forty years ago, Greg realized that nobody was teaching comedy. Greg took it upon himself to be a stand-up comedy teacher and teach others how to succeed.

Setting aside his successful career as a comedian (Saturday Night Live, Ringling Bros Circus clown and ringmaster, Comedy Store paid regular, his own improv troupe with Andy Garcia) and many others, he pursued his passion - to teach the art of stand-up.

Read His Full Bio Here: About Greg Dean



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