This Stand Up Comedy Routine by Kevin Comstock was done some number of years ago.  In fact, Kevin still had hair!  LOL  I’m sure any of you who know Kevin and have had the opportunity to take a stand up comedy class with him will appreciate his style! Plus there’s great takeaways for stand up comedians.  Enjoy the show!

Kevin Comstock is one of the Certified Instructors at Greg Dean’s Stand Up Comedy Classes.  He assists Greg in teaching a variety of stand up comedy classes as well as teaching 201 classes.  Kevin’s been doing stand up comedy routines for many years and has used skills and techniques from the Greg Dean Stand Up Comedy System.

Kevin also runs the Greg Dean Stand Up Comedy Classes weekly online Open Mic, which everyone is welcome to attend either as a performer or as a member of the audience.  The Open Mics are fun, judgement-free and a great way to work out kinks in your stand up comedy routine.


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